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Night diving at Ammo Jetty encounters blue ring occy

Last Thursday evening Joey and Lee led the Perth Scuba Crew for a night dive at the Ammunition Jetty. With not a breath of wind or sign of swell it was the perfect evening to go for a splash. We were joined by new night divers Bruce, Amanda, Corey and the experienced night diver Lee.Blue ring octopus by Lee Kharod

We all kitted up in the car park ready to head into the water… There was only one problem – one of the crew misplaced their weights (not naming any names, but Bruce you owe us a 6 pack!). Lucky Joey had brought stacks of weight for her drysuit and the pockets were transferred from the T-Black to the T-Force and then we were ready to go. Amanda got the pick of the torches and got a Sola 1200 to use on her first night dive -*flash* ahhhhh I’m blinded hehe.

Lee gave the crew the dive brief on the sand, with Joey “helping” Lee & Corey with a compass bearing and then it was time to head into the warm water. You think I’m joking? The ocean was 6 degrees warmer than standing in the carpark!!!

Our four hardy divers descended into the blue under the jetty and headed out under the pilons to find critters. It didn’t matter where Amanda went I could always see her torch, knowing her buddy would be right beside her. Whilst the viz was only a metre, the crew still saw plenty of the weird and wonderful. Lee discovered what he at first thought was a bobtail squid, only to have it wriggle about & change to a pattern of glowing blue rings – eep! A blue ring octopus!!! Lee Kharod even got a cool photo (see above) to prove it – well done Lee. And just think, you and Corey wouldn’t have ever seen it if it wasn’t for Joey’s completely wrong compass bearing that made you swim out past the jetty. *Cough cough* sorry fellas, yes, I do owe you a carton for that blunder!

Thanks for a fun night guys and girls! It was good to get out on such a still night and I’m looking forward to the next night dive soon!

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