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Night diving on the BHP Jetty

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant InstructorPerth Scuba Night Dive BHP Jetty by Lindsay Phillips

On Wednesday 2nd January 2013, the Perth Scuba Crew hit the BHP Jetty for a night dive under the stars. It was a beautiful clear night with little to no wind and not a hint of swell. We all kitted up our gear in the car park, attached the strobe with great skill & dexterity to our flag (okay, it was sticky tape) and headed down the short sandy walk to the jetty. Luckily all the beach fishermen had already left by the time we arrived so there was no fishing lures to avoid.

Divemaster extraordinaire Lindsay Phillips gave the briefing and then it was time to descend… And what a surprise we were in store for – the viz was at least 10 metres. Good for this particular dive site!

Within a minute of dropping down we came across 2 seahorses sitting happily together on a short length of rope. Then we moved on to a small ray munching on crustaceans it found on the sand bed – it really didn’t care we were there in the slightest. As we moved over the site we came across hundreds of small crabs of all different shapes, sizes and colours. Some would pull shells over their heads to hide themselves, others would dart under rocks and whilst other aggressive sorts would stand their ground, claws in the air.

Lindsay, Kristy and Adam spotted an octopus, large ray and orange nudibranch. The water was a toasty 24°C with some of us even venturing into the water with only a 3mm wetsuit. After nearly an hour we trekked back up the beach to our cars and to share our experiences for the night. Thanks for joining us once again on a great night dive and we look forward to seeing you on the next one heading out Wednesday 9th January 7pm – call 9455 4448 for the location!

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