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North Coogee wall club dive

This Wednesday night we decided to go to North Coogee wall for our club dive. With a turn out of six we had just the right amount for the site, and conditions looked great. We got kitted up then made our way down the beach to find crystal clear water and little swell. 

North Coogee wall Perth Scuba night dive
As soon as we got in we came across 3 squid in about 1.5m of water then a baby cuttlefish. As we followed the wall up it was covered in bulls eye schools, old wives and sea hares. About half way up we found a moray eel wedged in the rocks and also a small cray. 

After 30mins we turned around and made our way back to find a few more cuttlefish and crays. The viz was awesome, the best I’ve seen at the site. The water was also nice and warm.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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