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North Mole Club Night Dive

North Mole night dive

Wednesday 12 March 2019

Globe Fish

I’ve got to admit, it was the lure of possibly seeing another Green Sea Turtle that had me praying for easterlies this Wednesday night, so with a previous calm day, swell under 1.2m and 15seconds i could not possibly let up the chance to get wet at South Cottesloe reef again. With three other club die-hards leading the way down the stairs and into the water, it was hard to pick out the position of the reef which usually has breakers giving away its location. Heading NW we were soon upon it and being torpedoed by kamikaze Rabbitfish smashing into us and bouncing off a buddies tank with a clonk! Thankfully though with a gentle rocking swell we had fantastic assisted glides through crevices and canyons. Over a ridge and into a sheltered lagoon i panned the video following a Redlip Morwong, past a Globefish, Old Lady, Stripies, Moonlighters, Magpie Morwong and huge King George Whiting then tracked a Masked Stingaree going about its business. It was better than the AQWA aquarium! Dozens of Painted Spiny Lobsters lay side by side under every ledge, and the size of the flamboyant Seahares flying around like aliens was mind bobbling. The viz was outstanding, 12-15(?)m on the seaward side and as my buddy and i swam out over the sand for a while, we scanned our torch beams out into the deeper water hopeful of the flicker from a Whaler or big ray. Time was flying by and with great reluctance we headed shoreward, back over the reef, with a final surprise in the shape of a 1.2m Black Spotted Catshark nosing its way through the kelp as I hovered above it getting some great footage. Having posted the video on iNaturalist website i was informed that the maximum recorded length was 70cm  to date so this was a recoded first for Australia at least. I encourage anyone with a camera to join the iNaturalist citizen science initiatives, and not just for fish, but all marine life, and terrestial too.​Now lets just hope this warm water hangs about a good while longer….

Mr Grumpy spine-dude “Pinky”

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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