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North Mole Fremantle night dive

North Mole Fremantle night dive

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Perth Scuba club dive

This Wednesday night, with the southerly winds, we took the club dive to North Mole Fremantle. With 8 of us ready to check out the wreck we made our way down the rocks and got in the water.

As soon as we dropped down we spotted a little Port Jackson, then as we followed the pegs we found plenty of squid. With the odd stinger around it was a bit of a challenge avoiding them but we managed. At the wreck it was covered with bulls eyes and gobble guts. After a couple of laps we headed South East to the wall where we found lots of crays and the odd cobbler. 

After 50mins or so we found ourselves close enough to the entry point so we surfaced and made our way back up the rocks.

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