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North Mole night dive impresses again

Last Wednesdays night dive 3/2/16 was planned for the North Mole in Fremantle. After the quality of the last dive we had there I was looking forward to it. On arriving at the car park on the North Mole it was apparent that word had spread about our return to this great dive site…….. we had 24 divers in total, this was a epic turnout!

Even though there was strong winds they were blowing from the south and the wall gave complete protection to the dive site. After the briefing we started the tricky business of getting all 24 divers down the rock wall to the waters edge. After a couple of gear issues we finally got everyone in the water. Several of the more experienced divers were in the water first and had already made their way off in search of the wreck.


In my group I had 12 divers all following me…. we made our way out in a North direction in search of the wreck, after a considerable swim I realised we must have over shot the wreck and so with such a large group with me it wasn’t practical to start search patterns so I just took us back to the wall. En-route we came across a couple of stingrays and 2 really awesome dancing sea hares. Once back at the wall we had a good look round high and low. We saw a lot of undersized crayfish, Cobbler, Old wives, Gobbleguts, Crested Morwong, Stripey and many many more.

Once back at the flag we continued on a little while then double backed on ourselves to complete the dive in the planned 50 minutes. On our way back to the flag we had a brief glimpse of a juvenile Port Jackson Shark.

All in all another great dive at the North Mole regardless of not finding the wreck, and what a huge awesome bunch of divers to do it with! I would like to add a quick mention to the fisherman at the bottom of the wall at our entrance area, what a great guy. It was a really refreshing change to meet someone fishing that was so un phased by our presence and more than obliging to all 24 of us!!

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew


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