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North Mole night dive in Fremantle

North Mole night dive in Fremantle


Last weeks night dive on Wednesday 23/11/16 was at the North Mole in Fremantle. Although the wind was pretty strong, there was low swell and the winds were Southerly so the wall protects the dive site from the wind. perth-scuba-manta-club-night-dive-30nov2016-2016-3Conditions looked great on the North side and the water was looking really clear. We had 12 divers all up, we are just starting to have to wait for sunset now which is great. Making for relaxed gearing up and warmer evenings. Once we were all set up we made the climb down the rocks to the water. We descended straight in from of the old disabled fishing ramp and almost straight away found the stainless steel pegs that myself and my dive buddies laid a few months ago, leading out to the Gareenup wreck. It was really good to see the pegs holding well and already showing some signs of growth on them. Almost immediately we were greeted by a large squid. Visibility was really good at around 6 to 8m. Once on the wreck the 4 of us in my group had a cruise around checking the wreck out. We saw heaps of Bullseyes, Western Talma, Old wives, Stingrays, Cobbler and Crayfish. The wreck is always a rewarding dive with lots of life and good coral and weed growth. Just before leaving the wreck i found another anchor to add to my collection. Luckily it wasnt too big so managed to attach it to my wing and inflated slightly to assist carrying it. It was a really unusual looking one so i couldnt leave it behind 😊
We them swam out across the sand towards the wall where we found lots of undersized Crayfish and plenty more fish. Sadly in the rocks i found the remains of a large stingray with its wings cut off. Quite sad that we keep finding mutilated sharks and rays on our coastal shore dives. Some of the other divers also came across Port jackson sharks. Overall a great night dive with lots to see, good conditions and a great group of divers.


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