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Thank you for speaking up for sharks

When the Premier of Western Australia announced a shark cull last year, he wasn’t counting on the fierce opposition from all of us.

Tens of thousands of AMCS supporters signed petitions, attended protests, crowd funded a billboard, spoke out in the media, wrote letters, emailed, called and worked tirelessly to save our sharks.

When the WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) announced a review into the shark cull, we set a new record for public submissions.

Together we told the EPA what we had been telling the WA Government for months – the shark cull posed too high an environmental risk, particularly to great white sharks, and had no measurable public safety outcomes.

And they listened!

The EPA announced late last week that they were rejecting the shark cull.

This is a huge victory – for people power, sharks, and healthy oceans.

Where to from here?

Following the EPA’s announcement, the WA Premier has confirmed the drum lines won’t be going in the water this summer.

But he has made worrying noises about a ‘catch and kill’ policy for large sharks seen swimming off the WA coastline. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt is also currently considering the EPA’s report.

We will be keeping a very close watch and may need your help again in the coming weeks.

But for now, thank you for being a voice for our sharks.

A message from Tooni Mahto – Australian Marine Conservation Society


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