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Now’s your chance! Have your say to stop the WA Shark Cull

save our sharks

Now’s your chance! Have your say

Dear Perth Scuba Crew

When the Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett announced a cull of sharks late last year, he failed to consult the public.

Opposition to the cull has been enormous.

Thousands of people have attended protests in WA and around the country. More than 14,500 signed our petition to Premier Barnett. Hundreds of people donated to our billboard in the Premier’s electorate.

Pressure is building on the WA Government to stop the cull.

The cull has been referred to the WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), which is now calling for public comments to help them assess the environmental impacts of the cull.

Finally, we can have our say.

The EPA can allow the shark cull to continue, rule it out as environmentally unacceptable, or suspend the cull while a full environmental impact assessment is undertaken.

Tell the WA Environmental Protection Authority they need to rule out the shark cull as environmentally unacceptable.

Select Assess – API category B (environmentally unacceptable)

And tell the EPA why. Some dot points are below to assist you:

  • The shark cull policy amounts to an intentional mass cull of a number of different shark species. This threatens some of our most vulnerable marine wildlife
  • There is no scientific evidence that mass killing of sharks reduces shark bites
  • Sharks are apex predators, a vital part of our oceans that keep the natural balance to ensure we have healthy oceans
  • The WA Fisheries Department’s own Risk Assessment states that the drumlines will have no impacts on sharks population, but the express intention of setting the drumlines is to reduce the number of sharks by catching and killing them
  • The cull targets reproductively important sharks. For species threatened with extinction, this will likely have a significant impact on population numbers now and in the future
  • The drumline hooks are allegedly designed to only catch large sharks. This has proved ineffective and a large number of small (<3m) sharks have been caught and killed
  • The baited drumlines may also catch other threatened species besides sharks, including dolphins and sea turtles

Please hurry – the submission period is short. We have until 20 February to have our say.

Will you speak up for sharks and make a submission?

Thank you for all that you do,

Darren Kindleysides
Director, AMCS


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