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Octopus greet us for our night dive

Manta-Club-Night-Dive-South-Mole-29July2015-2The dive last night (29/7/15) was originally planned for Hillarys north wall but as the swell had picked up a little and the wind was from the north west we decided to change to Fremantle south mole instead.

The last time I dived here was the end of summer, it was a fantastic dive with so much on offer. This time there was five of us in total all really keen to get in and check it out. It was a relatively calm night and there was a break in the rain showers for us to gear up. Once I had done the briefing we all entered the water which for the middle of winter felt pretty warm at 16 degrees.

Almost immediately after descending we were greeted by a large octopus in the end of a pipe which was pretty cool. We initially followed the wall for around twenty minutes then headed out to deeper water in the middle of the bay. When I say deeper…………it wasn’t too deep only around 4m. Having said that it was ideal for Shane and Sam who were relatively new to night diving.

Continuing the dive, marine life was a little on the sparse side compared to the last time I dived here. However we did see more Octopus, Bullseyes, Porcupine fish, Red-lipped Morwong, Goatfish, Crested Morwong and a really cool bright orange iridescent Nudibranch.

Sadly during the dive we did see a few bits of rubbish, most of which we picked up along the way. Also unfortunately during the dive Doug’s camera flooded. The battery and memory card are fine and he is in the process of drying the camera out so fingers crossed.

Thanks also to Doug for bringing along cake as it was his birthday!

Next week I am away but the week after that we will look at getting a night dive in at Hillarys north wall as we haven’t night dived there before, hopefully the conditions are good enough.

written by Aaron Goodhew – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

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