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Old ammunition jetty dive kicks off with cooked breakfast

Old ammunition jetty dive kicks off with cooked breakfast

Sunday 17 September saw the weather turn out much better than expected, so after a quick breakfast of sausages and eggs (with help from our own Chef diver) the group of 14 divers headed down to Ammo Jetty.

Manta Club dive at ammunition jetty

With buddies working together to gear up and a quick fix for a faulty regulator we headed down to the jetty to find few fishermen and relatively calm waters.

As is expected with this site there was plenty to see, from the common WA Nudibranch, a few Roughies and Sea horses etc. to a good-sized Moray Eel and scorpion fish.

On exiting all divers were full of smiles except our own Chef diver who had dropped her Go Pro rigging which had quickly disappeared to the surface.

As luck would have it, one of the friendly fisherman had caught this and it was quickly returned to end the morning on a positive note.

A big thanks to all the divers who came down for the sunny Sunday dive and we’ll see you again soon!

PADI Instructor Glenn Beall

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