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Old chinese junk found in Swan River

Jerrat Drive was the chosen dive site for Wednesday 13/5/15. This particular dive site is to my knowledge not dived that often, and being in the river and quite close to Fremantle can sometimes be susceptible to currents. There are two known wrecks at the dive site, one being a large landing craft/barge and the other an old Chinese junk boat.


We all met and geared up on the grass area next to the car park over looking the dive site, there were six guys in total, all regular night divers. Following my briefing we made the downhill walk to the water and all entered via the old wooden ramp next to the scout hall. This spot can be a little tricky to get in and out the water due to the rocky entrance/exit. From the river bank the water looked pretty clear, and we were all keen to get in and have a look, especially as nobody had dived this spot before.

After we had all entered and set the flag we made our way to the corner of the scout hut jetty, from here its a 35 degree swim for 70m to the barge wreck. As the visibility was looking good we decided to try and stay together in one group. We formed a line with myself in the middle, this was to give ourselves more chance of spotting the wreck.

After what seemed like only a couple of minutes we found the barge. This fairly large low lying structure is home to many different creatures. We found Starfish, Crabs, Leatherjackets, Boxfish, Cobbler, Rock Cod, Gobbleguts and a few prawns. As the vis was good and we were all still in one group I made my way to the South-eastern corner of the wreck. From here you swim East for 40m or so to find the Chinese Junk.

On the wreck of the junk we again found heaps of crabs and all the other critters from the other wreck. We hung around here for a while and checked every corner, Its a pretty cool spot, with all the wooden ribs sticking up from the river bed.

Following this we made our way onto the sand to see what we could find. There were several mooring lines with stuff to look at and a few random tyres etc with plenty of life around them.

We then found some old barrels, debris and junk again with plenty of growth. It was on here that I found a blue ringed octopus which was really cool. I got a little too close with my pointer stick and managed to get it to show the guys its iridescent blue rings!

We then headed back to the rock wall and the jetty near where we had entered, on the way we came across a ridiculously big nudibranch, this particular one was half the size of a football! In and around the rocks we found plenty of life including loads of seahorses under the jetty.

Like always we all enjoyed the dive, it was really good that the current was minimal and the visibility allowed us to stay together in one large group.

Next week I am away so sadly wont make the night dive but the week after that we will be diving at the south mole, so see you all then for a shallow but fun filled dive no doubt!

Cheers Aaron

Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster 

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