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Omeo shipwreck at Coogee

Omeo shipwreck at Coogee

10 December 2017

Another sunny Sunday morning, the sun was out and the temperature prediction was 36 degrees. The plan was to go to Coogee wreck trail to check out the Omeo wreck and some of the new artificial structures. With 12 divers keen we finished our hotdogs and made our way to Coogee.


The site looked great, flat water and enough parking for all. With the temperature rising I took a photo and gave my brief so everyone could get into the water nice and fast. With the new steps ready getting to the water was pretty easy this time around. After setting the dive flag then surface swimming to the Omeo wreck we made our descent.

Perth Scuba Manta dive club at Omeo shipwreck

The wreck was full of life as usual and the viz was great, the best we had seen at Coogee this year. The wreck was covered in wrasse, boxfish and gobble guts. After exploring the wreck we headed north towards the wall and kept an eye out for structures along the way. We managed to bump into a couple of concrete clusters and then the giant tower at the end. After swimming through the tower we followed the wall back and found bulls eye schools, nudibranchs and old wives.


Once back in the shallows we had another quick look inside the Omeo then made our way back to the steps and back to our cars. Awesome day for it, lets hope the weather stays the same over Xmas.


PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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