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Omeo wreck night dive

Omeo wreck night dive

Wednesday 8 May 2019

manta club night dive
Manta Club divers at Omeo wreck, Coogee

This Wednesday night we took the club dive to Omeo wreck in Coogee. With 6 keen divers ready to get wet we didn’t waste any time getting into the water. After a trek down the stairs we were greeted by a tiny bit of swell and a little surge.

Once we dropped down we did a lap behind the Omeo then headed north to the wall and the artificial reef. While following the wall up we found some squid, cuttlefish and blue manner crabs. We eventually found the temple at the end then did a lap, then went back to the wall and started to head back. On the way back we found a banjo shark 🦈 and a octopus hiding in the rocks.


Once back at 2m we headed south to the Omeo but the surge had picked up so we made our way in.

 written by Instructor Dane Fielder

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