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Omeo wreck trail

Omeo Wreck club dive

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Last night we visited the Omeo wreck in Coogee. With the low north westerly winds it was a sure bet for nice viz. With a turnout of three we kitted up nice and quick and got into the water.

Under the water the viz looked great so we had a little look around the wreck then headed to the wall. As we went up the wall the viz did drop a bit so we stayed close to the rocks and had a good look around for marine life. First we found a massive cuttlefish sleeping in the rocks then a stingray in the sand, lots of redlips on the rocks and crested morwongs. 

At the end it dropped down to about 8m so we checked out a small cuttlefish that loved our torches then started to make our way in. We found a few squid on the way in and even a tiny bobtail squid in the sand. After 50mins we headed back up the stairs and back to our cars

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