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Only 2 days to go!!!

Last weekend of shooting – 2 days to go! – Registration closes this SUNDAY night. Underwater Festival Fringe Event

If you are not registered AND paid for your initial shootout credits by the end of the 11th, you will not be able to submit images. However if you have fully registered and purchased entry credits by the end of this Sunday (11th) you will be able to buy additional entries all the way until the end of the submission date which is Sunday the 18th.

The shooutout entry conditions and rules are online and we have added a QUICK version where you can understand the procedure of participating in 30 seconds!

Most importantly – if you are signed up up or are still considering – set your cameras to 2017 NOW, so you don’t forget (date and time remains the same)

From last Friday the 2nd for 10 days, 100s of divers from around the world are going down to help to create the 1st Underwater Snapshot of Australasia.

You have 2 days left to capture underwater australasia wherever you are between the 2nd and the 11th of September – the $150,000 prize pool is to our knowledge the biggest ever for any underwater photo competition in the world.

If you haven’t bought your entry credits yet – NOW is a good time, check out the list of prizes  plus the Perth Scuba competition for all those shooting in Western Australia!

In addition to the very amazing prizes for best photos and videos we also have a huge set of Underwater Snapshot Participation Prizes that will be drawn amongst all entrants irrespective of their shootout entry submissions. This is to encourage wide participation in the Underwater Snapshot without the ‘I won’t enter because I’m not good enough’ fear.

Purchase you entry credits and T-Shirts at:

Once you have your credits, you will see them appear in the ‘My Festival’ tab on the UF11 website. This is where you will upload your images to when the time comes. This will be active from 2 September to 18 September – images and video will have to be shot between the 2nd and the 11th of September

Hope to see your profile and registration soon and please let us know if anything in this process is not working, feels awkward, could be done better etc – your comments are very appreciated.

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