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Our first Sidemount Course

Jan ’12
6:00 pm

Course Evaluation

By Lee Johnson Perth Scuba Director & PADI Assistant Instructor

Perth Scuba Sidemount DiversOn the weekend of 7-8th January Joey and I along with Clive, Conor and Tec Instructor Marc van der Poel, took part in Perth Scuba’s first Sidemount Course.

Sidemount is a way of diving with the same amount of breathing gas (air/nitrox/trimix) as a twin set diver without having to put on all the weight of a twin set on your back. The cylinders are clipped to D-rings on the top left and right of your BCD and the cylinder base is clipped to 2 D-mount brackets at the rear of the BCD – giving you under arm cylinders. Naturally the weight is ultimately the same but by not having them both bolted together cylinders are much easier to manouver and carry. With sidemount you have basically one BCD with two cylinders/reg sets giving you masses of air and redundancy if in the unlikely event, something should go wrong.

The first thing I noticed with sidemount diving was stability. Getting neutrally buoyant and a perfect hover is almost instant. The versatility of sidemount diving is great as you can wreck, cavern and cave dive with more flexibility. Plus from a safety point of view – they are fanastic!

Marc van der Poel will be teaching the next Sidemount Course in February. Contact us for more details on how you can become a Sidemount Diver.

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