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Outdoor activities are good for physical and mental health.

Outdoor activities are good for physical and mental health.

Outdoor activities are good for mental and physical health
Good for your mental & physical health

The outdoors is still open to most of the WA population, and many outdoor activities can be undertaken while maintaining the recommended social distancing. We can still go for a bushwalk or a bike ride, and we can still visit marine parks and beach dives.
Some of us will still go rock climbing, paddling, trail bike riding or horse riding and most importantly SCUBA DIVING. We may need to modify and adapt our participation and delivery of activities, but we can do that.

The outdoor sector has many people who are used to modifying and adapting as circumstances change (including Perth Scuba).
There will be people and organisations who are terribly affected by this health crisis. Perth Scuba is committed to assisting the WA community to keep you mentally and physically healthy, while still enjoying the underwater world. We will provide information and provide opportunities for the outdoor community to get outside. We are doing our best to keep our team of dive professionals employed and healthy.

The outdoor community may not develop a vaccine for COVID-19, but we want to be part of the solution. We want to help people to maintain their physical and mental health throughout their lives, including during times of crisis.

Source: Outdoors WA

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