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Palau Siren Tour Day 3

Day 3 on board the Palau Siren was an exciting and beautiful day with dives at German Channel, Orange Beach and New Drop Off. As the Siren vessel moved to the dive sites at Peleliu we had a pod of dolphins playing in the bow wave. They were also to watch as the followed along side, peeled off to jump out of the water and then raced back again to disappear under the hull and reappear on the other side to look up at our smiling faces. There were smiles all around by the time we stopped to head out to our dives!

We had an absolutely magnificent day of diving with a massive school of big eye trevally at German Channel with the stragglers being picked off by hungry Giant Trevally and Reef Sharks. We had a few more friendly Hawksbill Turtles cruise leisurely past and a giant Marbled Ray almost inhale my camera whilst filming it came THAT CLOSE!

Filmed, written & edited by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Tour Leader

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