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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Day 2 – Egypt Tour

Perth Scuba Egypt Tour at the SphinxToday the last member of the group Dani arrived from Sharm el Shiekh then we all headed off to the Egypt Museum,  with our lovely Egyptologist Hela. One word sums this place up pretty easily AMAZING, they say that if you stopped at each piece for 6 minutes it would take you nine months to see everything!! We paid the extra fee to see the Royal Mummies, highly recommended if you ever get over here its hard to believe that they are 1000’s of years old. From there we headed to the Papyrus Institute where they showed us how they made the traditional paper, some of the Papyrus that we saw in the museum was 5000 years old and it looked like it was written on yesterday. After picking up some souvenirs of Papyrus we headed to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, yes the Great Pyramids of Giza. The weather was Miya Miya  (perfect) they are unbelievable, the tallest of the 3 stands at 146m, the light show last night was good but being that close to them and being able to touch them and some of us even went inside to the burial chamber it was mind blowing.

Tonight it’s a relaxing swim in the pool and pizza’s before tomorrow’s adventures begin.

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