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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Day 3 – Egypt Tour

Perth Scuba Egypt Tour led by Nathan "Patto"Breakfast started with a few laughs, I’m not sure what was in the water at the Thai restaurant the night before but there was stories of people singing in their sleep, knocking on bed heads calling out “Patto are you awake” and scaring the hell out of their room buddies and someone told someone else that they where watching them through the window……

Today we headed out to Memphis to see the Elvis statue of Ramses II, yes the Elvis version, they call this statue the Elvis version because it was on display in Memphis Tennessee for a few years. Before we got to that we visited a statue of Ramses II that had been recovered from the area, this was incredible, the stone masonry these people were capable of is mind blowing. The detail in these statues looks like it has been carved by machine. From the Memphis site we headed out to the first pyramid ever constructed, the Step Pyramid at Sakkara. The story of this place would blow your mind, the architecture and design of this place was phenomenal. This area is a complete replica of the Kings Palace on the other side of the Nile. Here we meet a donkey man that not even Chanel could helped with those teeth or lack there of!!!

On the way back to Giza we stopped at a carpet factory to see how they make the Egyptian Carpets, school children work after school on the looms and man these kids are quick, it’s like they work in fast forward their hands move so fast.

For dinner tonight we headed to the Fish Market, Mandee had read about this place so we headed there with Mo, after driving for about 30 minutes Carly asks “How far did you walk to find this place Mandee?” it was definitely a day for famous quotes.

The seafood was sensational. Tomorrow it’s off to the old part of Cairo.

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