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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Day 5 – Egypt Tour

This morning was a crazy 3 am start, yes 3 am. We travelled to the airport yet again to board a flight to Abu Simbel.Perth Scuba Egypt Tour at Philae Temple

Carly asked if Lake Nasser was the Ocean at Abu Simbel, which happens to be in the middle of the desert

Jodie kept us amused with the fart stories, and we visited Philae Temple another temple that was saved from the rising waters of the Nile, The most disappointing thing was the vandalism mostly by the Christians during the roman rule, even good old Napoleon himself had a message inscribed in the wall.

From the Temple we meet Mo at the boarded cruise boat where our 3 night sail up the Nile would begin.

Mandee got more than she bargained for at the Bazaar that afternoon when she got a finger in the bum.

We sailed on a Felucca around Elephantine Island in Aswan for an hour, which was very relaxing and quiet. We then caught a motor boat up river to the traditional Nubian Village for Dinner, along the way the driver an his 13 year old brother played the Nubian hand drums while we all sang along to the traditional songs with a bit of rock n roll thrown in, a truly memorable experience. When we arrived at the village we walked through a granite rock outcrop that had thousands of Hieroglyphic carvings on thousands of granite boulders. We then where greeted by happy and vibrant local children when we arrived at the village, we then toured the streets and alleys making our way up to the home where we were welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. We got to hold a baby croc each and then headed to the roof top for dinner which was served in clay pots and carried out on huge trays carried on the women’s heads, we sat on weaved mats and cushions on the floor and ate dinner. The lady of the house then decorated us with Hena tattoo’s, it was an amazing experience to share a Egyptian dinner with a loving local family before heading home on a motor boat.

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