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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Day 6 – Egypt Tour

This morning a few of the crew took a camel ride through the desert, after breakfast we set sail on the Nile Cruise. I’m sitting at the computer typing the blog with the doors open watching the Nile go by, the sound of the water lapping at the hull.Perth Scuba Egypt Tour led by Nathan "Patto"

KomOmbo Temple was the first stop today, this was very busy as the feast has started after Ramadan, all the locals were around the temple. The ladies in the group where told to stay in the middle and for the men to keep an eye on them as the locals can be very cheeky. When we got up to the temple the security guards got quite aggressive with the younger locals that where hanging around us taking pictures of the girls and moved them on. When we had finished at the temple Mo took us to a café, it had a great atmosphere, it was set up like a Bedouin tent with carpet on the walls and ceiling. We sat on cushions on the floor and ordered ice cream, juices and a Sheeska  pipe, it was a great laugh watching everyone have a turn of the pipe, inhaling then coughing and spluttering on the smoke. I wish I could have the recipe for their ice cream it was delicious.

When the coughing and spluttering stopped we headed back into the heat and walked to the boat, the rest of the afternoon was spent on the sun deck drinking beers and swimming in the pool.

Later in the afternoon we left the boat again for another temple called Edfu also known as the temple of Horus.

We are all starting to get templitis, a condition that occurs when one visits too many temples. Symptoms include dancing to Zumba while the guide is talking wondering off to explore dark stairwells then discovering that your being escorted by a guard with an AK47 and questioning the guide on every detail.

This evening was the Egyptian Night on the cruise boat, all of the group bought traditional Egyptian costumes and dressed up for dinner and the party that followed, I don’t think the boat knew what had hit it, we partied like it was 1999.

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