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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Sep ’10

Day 7 – Egypt Tour

This morning was a sleep in thank god after last night, man we partied it up in true Perth Scuba style. We contemplated getting up early to watch us pass through the lock but no body woke….. after breakfast we relaxed on the top deck of the cruise boat watching the sites of the Nile go by, drinking a few Stella’s to tame the hangovers. In the afternoon we were transported Karnac Temple via horse and carriage. Karnac temple is huge, it covers some 60Ha and is still being discovered. It took over 200 years to build, every Pharaoh or King that ruled Egypt added another part to this huge complex, this is apparently the biggest religious complex in the world. It was incredibly hot today everyone really felt it, but it was nothing a few Stella’s and swim in the roof top pool couldn’t fix. Tonight is our last night on board the cruise boat, its going to be great to be in a hotel again after these tiny little rooms on here, they aren’t designed for people travelling with dive gear and mobs of underwater camera gear. It was an early night as tomorrow is another early start.

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