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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Sep ’10

Day 8 – Egypt Tour

Today started with another early start, a short walk to the jetty from the hotel to board a little motor boat to cross the Nile to our tour bus. Once we were on the boat we were served coffee and cake for breakfast?? Followed very quickly buy one of the best renditions of Happy Birthday I’ve ever witnessed (I’m sure that  Shannon would agree, what a birthday!!) The pilot briefed us on the brace position for landing etc. A short trip on the bus we arrived at the oval where the balloons were warming up, it was a very pretty sight, the sun was still sleeping on the eastern bank and the balloons lit up when the burners were ignited. We were escorted to our balloon and wedged ourselves into the basket. Shortly after we took off the reality of where we were kicked in. Looking out over the valley where the green farmlands meet the desert and the sun just starting to say ‘good morning’ in the East. The flight lasted a good 45 minutes, from the landing spot we headed to the Valley of the Kings and met our guide Mack.

It was hard to believe that these tombs were so old, if they still made paint like they used to paint these walls you’d never need to repaint your house 3000+ years on some of them look like they were painted last week!

The heat out in the valley was intense but again we rejuvenated ourselves at the hotel with a swim in the beautiful pool. The girls headed off to the day spa for treatments while the boys stayed at the pool making sure the beer in their bar was satisfactorily chilled, just for the record it was OK.

This evening we headed back over to the other side of the river to a lovely restaurant where Mo and I had arranged a Birthday Party for Shannon. It was a great night we enjoyed a great meal, cold beers and a wicked chocolate cake that Mo ordered, the best thing was it made Shannon’s day!!!

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