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Patto’s Egypt Tour

Day 1 – Egypt Tour

Perth Scuba Egypt Tour departure dinnerWell it didn’t get off to a very good start at Perth Airport when we all got stung for excess baggage to the tune of $130 each…. All was forgotten once were sitting at the bar upstairs enjoying a beer and waited for the flight to board. We were provided with a great deal of entertainment on the flight with people trying to drink out of swizzle sticks and someone else threw up in the toilets.

Into Singapore we stocked up on the Duty Free alcohol and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading off to Dubai, yes Dubai yet another surprise on our first day….

We arrived in Cairo at 0430 this morning, the airport was a lot quieter than we all expected, but it was 0430 in the morning… after waiting for Darren and Gavin to arrive from South Africa we piled into the mini bus, not before loading all of our luggage onto the roof! It was just like in the movies all of the bags getting piled up on top except there wasn’t any chickens or goats up there.

We had a win when we got to the Hotel (The Grand Pyramids) the early check in had been arranged so we checked into the rooms and headed to the pool for a well earned cool down.

That afternoon we met up with our tour guide Mohammed or Mo as we nicknamed him because every other man in Egypt is called Mohammed

Tonight we’re heading off for dinner at a local restaurant and a cold beer which is proving harder than we thought given that it’s Ramadan, then off to the light show at the Pyramids.

Tisbah ala khir

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