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Perfect conditions at North Mole club night dive

Perfect conditions at North Mole club night dive

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Manta Club night dive
Manta Club divers at North Mole

This Wednesday night, with the ideal conditions, we took the club dive to North Mole Fremantle. With a turn out of four I gave a brief then we made our way down the rocks. 

As soon as we dropped down the viz was great and no surge so we followed the pegs to the wreck. As soon as we hit the wreck we were greeted by a little spotted ray and a few massive cobbler underneath the panels. After 20mins we headed south east to the wall. On the way we found a bobtail squid and a couple of port jackson sharks. Once we hit the wall we started to follow it back to the entry. On the way we must of seen around 50 crays out and wandering around.

After 50mins we surfaced and put in a team effort climbing up the wall. One of the best night dives I’ve done in a long time and the water temp was finally nice and warm!

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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