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Perfect conditions at Palm Beach Jetty

I pulled up at the meeting point for the night dive on Wednesday 18/3/15 at Palm Beach Jetty Rockingham and not a single diver was in sight. At first I thought I would be going for a solo dive but then a couple of divers arrived. I’m not sure if the rain earlier in the day had put a few people off? However the conditions were absolutely perfect with no wind and the water was flatter than flat.


We geared up on the grass next to the car park and following my briefing we entered the water, the plan was to dive the length of the jetty then investigate the sand patch adjacent on our return to shore.

On entering the water we were immediately bombarded with abuse from a fisherman that we were not permitted to dive the jetty and it was for fishing only blah blah blah! This very pleasant guy (not) then threatened to cast hooks over us etc etc. So regardless we ignored the idiot above and set off on our dive. We descended under the jetty and were immediately greeted with a large Gurnard Perch. We then followed the jetty legs down to the 10 metre depth and inspected the relatively young growth on the pylons.

Shortly after Zane was hit with a lead sinker and hook obviously from the idiot above, I decided it was going to be a better dive if we moved away from the jetty and focused on the sand area to the side. Here we saw various Flat Heads, Prawns, Jellyfish, Cobbler, Octopus and Leatherjackets. We then turned around and headed back to the shallow end of the jetty where we saw several Red Scorpion cod and some Seahorses.

Perth-Scuba-Manta-Club-Palm-Beach-Jetty-18Mar2015-184918-225x300Literally the second our heads popped out the water the parrot on our shoulders started again, hurling more abuse. Maybe judging by this guys accent he was on holiday in Rockingham with the sole purpose of fishing on the world renowned, legendary PALM BEACH JETTY. He was under the impression that because we were diving there he was going to go hungry!!! Maybe someone needs to tell him that in the western world we can go to the supermarket and buy food as opposed to catching any old undersized/illegal fish possible. Needless to say we didn’t lower ourselves to his level and enjoyed another great night dive regardless.

On a lighter note it was awesome to see another banner from the fisheries saying that ‘all protected stingrays should be returned to the water and soon as possible’. Again its really good to see that the fisheries are pushing for an awareness of what is protected below the waves.

Looking forward to next week as always when we will be diving the South Mole in Freo.

Aaron Goodhew – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

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