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Perfect night dive at North Mole

Well what can I say……if you didn’t make it to the club night dive on 2/12/15 you missed out big time!! We had an awesome dive at the North Mole. When we arrived the wind was blowing light mad from the South but the harbour wall offered lots of protection and with very little swell the water looked almost perfect.


witnessed a classic WA sunset and then we all geared up and I did the briefing. The entry was a little tricky compared to your average shore dive but nothing we couldn’t handle. the majority of the wall is made up of large pieces of concrete and a few steps.

Once in the water the 7 of us headed out North in search of the wreck of the Gareenup. After 100m or so we found it, the wreck itself is a fairly good size with lots of cool things to see. There were juvenile crays everywhere. We also saw a huge Dusky Morwong inside the wreck, Stripey, Bullseyes, Damsel fish, Stingrays, Talma, Cobbler, Cuttlefish you name it. After approximately 15mins looking at the wreck we headed South East back to the rock wall. On the way we came across a Bull Ray who put on a bit of a show in our torch beams before disappearing. We also saw an Octopus hunting, laid out on the sand in full view, this was really cool as they are so often tucked inside a hole hiding.

Once at the wall we followed it round back to the entry point, on the way we saw plenty more life including a baby Port Jackson Shark and a huge lionfish.

As we were a relatively small group we all managed to stay together for the entire dive which was cool. 50minutes seemed like 5mins… On exiting the water some of the guys said it was the best dive they had done in a long time……… true that was!

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew 





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