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Perth Scuba clean up underwater at Ammo Jetty

Sunday the 16/8/15 was the day for the Ammo Jetty beach and underwater clean up. What can I say????? An absolutely awesome morning! We had 23 divers and a group of guys helping on the surface. The weather was perfect and everyone was really keen to get into action and clean the beach and under the jetty. For some of the divers it was their first dive on the Ammo Jetty which was really cool, what a memorably day to dive it.

After I did the briefing and everyone had geared we made sure there was plenty of catch bags distributed between us and we made our way to the jetty. We stopped for a couple of photos and then split the group into two, half entered on the North and half on the South. And Terry and a couple of others went straight to the end for a giant stride straight into the heart of the action.


We started in the shallows working our way out to the deeper water where the majority of the rubbish is. The sheer amount of fishing line under the jetty is amazing. Once you start getting into it you realise how much there is. Its in huge balls some partially covered by sand and lots of it wrapped around the pylons. All of the line was full of hooks ranging from very small to ridiculously big. There were lead sinkers and lures everywhere. It was so good that we removed so much discarded line as this is what I most commonly see dead sharks, rays, fish and even birds wrapped up in.

Then there was the chairs……………..CHAIRS, CHAIRS and more CHAIRS. Fair enough I can imagine once in a while a fisherman is stood up and a gust of wind may whisk his prized BCF chair into the water but this was ridiculous. There must have been around 30-40 chairs, even deckchairs and barstools.

We also removed all the other items of rubbish that you would imagine would be down there. Beer bottles by the bag full, most of which were broken, tins, bags, dinner plates, cans, knives, forks you name it. We even found a pair of jogging bottoms, a jumper and a blanket. Obviously somebody was well wrapped up at some point and then felt the sudden urge to strip and throw all their clothes into the water!!

During the dive there was heaps of fish and critters along the way and we even had the pleasure of one of the biggest Samson fish I have seen taking a cruise around us for a minute or so.

After the dive we removed as many starfish and crabs as we could from the rubbish and returned them to the water, I also found a baby octopus and a blue ring and managed to get them back in the water too.

It was a shame to see that the banner installed near the jetty regarding the unlawful killing of protected stingrays had been removed, by who its hard to say :-(

Some people on the beach came over and had a look at what we were bringing up. Some of them were gob smacked by the amount of rubbish. Really we have just made a dent on it, there is still plenty of fishing line fowling the jetty area, and a seemingly endless supply of fishermen to snag and discard it. Some of the line I came across was really strong and shears on their own would not cut it. There was several times I had to use the line cutter on the back of my knife to get through it.

After the dive we all had an awesome BBQ and made sure the rubbish was disposed of in the council bins. Some of the chairs we had to pile next to the bins due to the sheer volume

In summary we all had an awesome morning and a fantastic job was done by all, it was an absolute pleasure to be joined by so many passionate divers all keen on making a difference. Well done to everyone that took part and had anything to do with it. We are going to dive there again this Wednesday night to see what kind of difference we may have made to the area.

written by Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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