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Perth Scuba Dive Travel Update


There is always a good news bad news story in the dive industry and here is another one for you…

One that may end up being AWESOME News … for you!

We were recently advised that 2 of our awesome crew of dive trippers would have to pull out of the trip due to a very unsteady ride on the open roads on a motorbike which decided to part ways with the owner. The end result… A few creases in the bike and a few broken bones.

This means that whilst our sympathies go out to the couple who had to call it and miss this trip of a lifetime, it HAS opened up an opportunity to anyone who missed out getting onto this sellout trip on the first time around.

The trip is one of our best trips to date and will be 14 nights with an itinerary which is guaranteed to make any wreck lover jealous… We start our trip ex Cairns and arrive in Guam for an overnight stay at the Fiesta Hotel. Then at 8am the next day we fly from Guam to Truk Lagoon.

That morning we board the MV Siren for 7 awesome days and nights onboard this luxury vessel. During our stay onboard we will be diving on some of the 61 ships resting on the bottom of the Truk Lagoon including some of the famous World War II wrecks such as the Fujikawa and the San Francisco Maru The stay onboard Truk Siren includes 22 dives – 4 of which will be night dives. The dive itinerary includes; the Fujikawa Maru, Fumitsuki, I169 Submarine, Yamigari Maru, Shinkoku Maru, Nippo Maru, Heian Maru, Susuki Destroyer, San Francisco Maru, Hoki Maru, Gosei Maru, Rio De Janeiro Maru, Betty Bomber and the awesome Shark Island – One of the best Shark Cleaning Station dives you will ever do! The Liveaboard includes Nitrox for Nitrox qualified divers, meals, soft drinks and beer.

After an amazing week of the best World War II diving on offer, we return to the Blue Lagoon Resort for a night and then depart for Guam the following day back to the Fiesta Hotel for another 4 nights. Whilst in Guam we will be doing 2 dives with MDA Divers where we will dive the famous Cormoran and the Tokai Wrecks at Apra harbour. This is the only dive where you get to put one hand on a World War I wreck and the other on a World War II wreck at the same time.

After 2 dives with MDA divers we will spend a couple of days in the central shopping hub favourite for Japanese tourists where there is lots to do from firing 50 Calibre Sniper Rifles or shooting AK47s at one of many of the firing ranges, Sea World, awesome restaurants and great night life await this US Navy / Air force based Island. Sightseeing is a must with some amazing countryside to visit throughout with amazing coast line. Maybe even a trip to Two Lovers Point – a great vantage point to see most of Guam from one place.

Truk Siren Tour 2015After 4 nights of partying, relaxing or shopping, we head from Guam back to Cairns where we will spend one more night in Cairns at the Mercure Harbourside Hotel before heading home to recover from this great trip.

This trip includes 24 dives, Meals & Drinks onboard MV Truk Siren, Free Nitrox (on Siren), Flights ex Cairns, Guam, Truk, Guam, Cairns, 5 Nights Accommodation at Fiesta Hotel Guam, 7 Nights accommodation on Siren vessel, 1 night at Blue Lagoon Resort and 1 night at Mercure Harbour Side in Carins.

The trip costs $7895 fully inclusive of transfers and taxes. (Does not include Travel Insurance, Park Fees, Diving Permit and excess Baggage). (Exchange rate in this quote $1 US = $.80 AUD

Hurry – There are 2 places left on this great trip! You will never dive better World War II wrecks and this is the best time to dive them.

Call Tour Leaders Lee & Joey on 94554448 to book your place or contact us.

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