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Perth Scuba Dive Trips… Have you been on one yet?

by Lee Johnson

Since opening Perth Scuba, we have put a lot of emphasis into the dive travel side of things. The main reason – because can you think of anything better than drifting around the ocean in 30 degree water when it’s beenShark on the Great Barrier Reef raining non stop for weeks in Perth in the middle of Winter? I certainly can’t. For those of you who haven’t been around the Perth Scuba traps for long, I can tell you we have had some fantastic trips. We have been to just about everywhere you could want to go and if we havent been there yet, trust me – it’s on the calendar!

2011 has a busy dive trip timetable with Palau, Solomon Islands, Truk Lagoon and Maldives. Not to mention a couple of school groups heading over to Vanuatu for a fantastic dive trip. Gees when I was at school we went to Peters Ice cream factory…

Working in our industry you sure hear about a lot of cool places and you do get to go to some of them. My list of “must do’s” is long and financially exhaustive but like they say – you can’t take it with you. I have been lucky enough to have seen the wrecks of World War II in The Pacific Ocean in Truk Lagoon, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. I plan to take a Perth Scuba crew to Bikini Atoll which is where the Aircraft Carrier US Saratoga lies in 60m and is undived since 2007. (Very hard to get to). I have seen some amazing things, I have dived walls that go to over a kilometre deep,  drifted at 8 knots around an island with barely enough time to take a photo. I’ve seen sharks by the hundreds and I’ve even dived with Great Whites… 3 times! I have dived on reef that has been untouched and have been lucky enough to have been there when a new airplane wreck was found with the cockpit still in tact and the pilot’s parachute still tangled around the tail. But there is still so much to do and see and I would love for you to be a Kapalai Village, Borneopart of that. Palau this week – is a first time for me. I have wanted to go but only this year came the opportunity to do so. The best part… I get to do it with 23 other Perth Scuba customers! The only thing better than having a great diving experience in a new diving destination, is doing it with great people who can share the moment.  I guess this is why I enjoy my job so much. Tour leading is fun – but it is hard work – honest!

If you have been on one of our trips to date, you will know that you start the trip with unknown people and lots of expectations from stories you have heard before. By the time the trip ends you have made friends and dive buddies for life. I have made so many great friends through diving and the best friendships have been forged on these trips.

If you have thought about coming along but feel like you may not fit in, please give it a try. Our trips usually have around 20 – 30 people on them and there are people from all ages and all areas of the globe. We sometimes have people join us from other states, we often have repeat dive trippers as you will notice if you check out the backs of the trip shirts! We give a star next to everyone’s name who has been on a Perth Scuba trip before. Some of the trippers have as many as 7 stars now! That’s dedication! Whatever the case though – you are sure to meet some great people and share unforgettable experiences with them.

It’s never too late to join one of our great trips either – well maybe for Palau since we fly in less than 18 hours – but you can join any trip any time, just come into the storeThe Galapagos Islands departing August 2012 and have a chat to us to find out where is the best place to find what you are looking for. If you dive but your partner doesn’t – we have destinations perfect for you. If we can’t get them diving before we go that is :). If you want a getaway that’s not all about diving, then we have the destinations for you. If you only want to dive day and night – “John Sharp” style – Then there too are destinations ideal for that too. We have regular dive trip information nights where you can find out about a specific trip you may be interested in joining us on or if you don’t know where you want to go and want some ideas, these are the nights to come along to. We will be holding our 2011/12 Showcase night soon – We’ll let you know when! but to give you a bit of a preview to 2012. In October we are heading to the amazingly unknown destination of WAKATOBI in South Sulawesi (north of Bali). You will fall in love with this place before you even see the diving and then… This is a trip like nothing we have done before and is limited to only 10 places. The trip is a 10 day – 5 day Live aboard and 5 day on land trip. You will be awestruck by this trip. Then of course there is our Galapagos trip in August and Bali in June and Borneo in April. The Galapagos Islands trip is one I have been planning to do since I started diving and sits up there with Antarctica in must do’s before I hang up my fins. To dive with 3000+ Schooling Hammer Head sharks, Mantas, Whale Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, White Tip and Black Tip Reef Sharks, Mobula, Eagle Rays, Massive Tuna, Barracuda, Dolphins, Turtles and so much more will be mind blowing and it’s not a case of – might see – it’s a case of WILL see. Then there is the on land component! A massively divers nature trip which will take you back in time. Nowhere else in the world is there a place like the Galapagos Islands. Borneo – always a favourite with the Perth Barracuda at Sipadan IslandScuba crew – where else can you go and have 36 boat dives + Unlimited shore dives, accommodation and meals for around $3000? and where are we diving? SIPADAN!!! The 8th wonder of the world! Just ask anyone who’sWakatobi Resort departing October 2012 been before – they’ll tell you they are going again! And of course an old favourite – Bali. Gary Brennand is leading this trip to a place he’s very familiar with. Its his second home and a great diving and shopping and partying and… destination! Not too hard on the budget either! Occasionally we throw out some cool deals too – Like our trip to the Maldives – We’ve decided that if we fill the trip (16 people), that – on the last night of the trip – we will draw out a name out of all the trippers and the winner will have their trip refunded in full!!! That’s a one in 14 chance of a free trip to the Maldives!! (Tour leaders can’t enter) Those are the best odds you are ever likely to get for a trip like the Maldives! Bring your partner and you have a 1 in 7 chance of winning your trip for free!!!! It’s just something we like to do to show that we really appreciate your support. Don’t forget also – everyone who goes on a Perth Scuba trip gets a custom designed and made Polo shirt with the Perth Scuba dive crew on the trip printed on the back – the more trips you do – the more stars you get. See if you can collect 10 stars and see what happens then!!! We have a few people close now.

One last thing about Dive Travel. We don’t only do group trips… If you would like to go anywhere any time with your partner, friends or just a trip to get away from it all, we can set you on your way for a great price – try us out – Because we do so much travel, our dive trip suppliers give us the best possible prices. And the best part… They all dive too so they know where they are sending you.

So next time you think dive travel or even just travel in general, think Perth Scuba – Your Dive Destination Experts! We do it because we love it!

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