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Perth Scuba heads to the Galapagos Islands

Perth Scuba Quayaquil Ecuador Iguana Western Australia

written by Lee Johnson

Well we are now well and truly on our trip and the anticipation is very high… Tomorrow we board our final flight… Destination – San Cristobal – Galapagos Islands.

After The Perth Scuba crew of 16 finally became complete with the Perth, ACT, Queensland and NSW crews arriving in Auckland to collect our sheep loving friends, we boarded yet another plane to add to our journey which would make it the second last leg of our 38 hour journey so far. a long way and a lot of laughs on the way (and not one airport arrest!). Thanks Joey!

This flight was into Chile and very cool. As we came in to land we had the snow covered Andes mountain range on the right and the ocean on the left. The landing which was actually on schedule – put us on the ground exactly 2 hours after we had taken off… From Sydney! Very weird and there wasn’t a flux capacitor in sight! Just a really strange cross over of the international dateline – (Sorry Andy that doesn’t mean you pick up another international date). It was really good because to us it didn’t seem like we’d just spent 2 full days of our lives on various planes. The arrival in Chile gave us just one more flight and a 4 hour stopover to grab a meal and check out the shops in the airport. Confusion on the exchange rates and the $800 cans of coke meant that most of us held back on the major purchases like a drink in case it took out our trip spending money! We departed and just 6 hours later arrived at our overnight destination Guayaquil – Ecuador. After a speedy check in at the Macaw Hostel everyone went straight to bed for some much needed stretch and sleep.

The next day we woke to a full 4 course breakfast and headed out for a tourist trip around the city. The main warnings we were given were pretty straight forward… You are now in one of the top 10 most dangerous places in the world… Be careful and watch out for pickpockets… The pickpockets are about 4 – 8 years old and come backed up with a bunch of middle aged guys selling AQUA. They get the kids to sell a few cheap lollies and then watch from a distance to see where the wallets and purses come from and go. Then when you next go for your wallet – hey presto! It’s gone just like magic!! The score after day 1 : Aussies & Kiwis 1 : Pocket Pickers 0 We figure them not getting a hit on any of us is a score for us.

La Cathedral Guayaquil Ecuador


The touristy things were very cool. We had our photos taken with a giant Iguana and watched some Ecuadorian male group singing traditional style. we went to Iguana park and saw hundreds of really cool lizards and in between our destinations saw lots of people with guns. Some with shot guns, some AK47s and lots of police cars… Which for some reason always had their lights on and their sirens going… Busy place for cops over here apparently. We are now on our last night here before being picked up for our flight to the Galapagos Islands tomorrow. From there we will be out of contact for a week but I am sure there will be many stories, photos, videos and more to share with you so keep posted.  We look forward to sending you our daily blog on our return…  Until then enjoy your diving and don’t feel sorry for us… We’ll manage :D

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