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Perth Scuba in Palau…

Written by Megan Collins – Siren Fleet, Palau

Perth Scuba Palau Siren 2014 Joey Pool-1424Our guests from Australia arrived for their 10-night trip on Palau Siren, most opted for setting the equipment up right away and then enjoyed the rest of the evening chilling out on the yacht. The first diving day started on Sandy Paradise so we pulled up anchor and moved towards Ulong Island. The visibility was good and the amount of marine life amazing as usual, our guests seem to be lucky because on this check dive they were treated to their first manta along with the schools of reef sharks, snapper and barracuda. 

The sun was out for our second day of the trip, as usual when it appears it turned hot fast. After taking in the view of white tip and grey reef sharks at the mouth of Ulong Channel the coral garden behind it was where we spent most of our first dive as the current was gentle enough so we could really enjoy it. Siaes Tunnel, a beautiful cavern, was our last dive in the Ulong area, with dart fish and disco clams before Palau Siren was on the move towards the Ngemelis dive sites. The first dive here at Barnum’s Wall had our guest asking if we could do it again amazed as they were about the number of turtles we saw.Perth Scuba Palau Siren 2014 Joey Pool-0417

German Channel had mild current the following morning with sightings of a marbled fantail ray, hunting trevallies and sharks and as usual the amount of fish amazed everyone. After moving around Peleliu and doing a dive at Orange Beach, New Drop Off at sunset was the last dive of this day, turtles, schools of fish, grey and white-tip reef sharks always make this dive a special one, add to that a leopard shark and Napoleon wrasse and it just keeps getting better.

For the first dive the next day we headed in our skiffs to Blue Corner, very mild current but what a dive with reef sharks, jacks, dog tooth tuna and trigger-fish followed by Big Drop off, Turtle Cove and German Channel at night. Turtle Cove’s dive lived up to its name with loads of green and hawksbill turtles as most of our guests were diving in animal suits it was absolutely funny to watch, you don’t often see Zebra, Tigers and Bunnies that dive . The sight of two huge fantail rays during the night dive was a fitting end to another day here in Palau.

Perth Scuba Palau Siren 2014 Joey Pool-0840
Today the yacht rested on standby floating off Blue Corner so the travel time on our tenders was minimal. Blue Holes with its entrance through holes on the top of the reef is always a highlight, the shafts of light coming in to the main cavern a favorite with wide angle photographers. Dexter’s Wall and Blue Corner rounded up another great day of diving, with mating groupers and African pompano being added to the list of species seen. We opted to return to dive New Drop Off and everything was there: current, sharks, barracuda, turtles, triggerfish and more; a great way to start the day. Blue Holes was another repeat request and the first opportunity for one of our divers to get wet. After diving the Peleliu Cut, a many of our guests decided to do the optional land-tour to Peleliu, the location of one of the battles between the U.S. and Japan during WWII, then it was time for a snorkel in Jellyfish Lake with its milions of Golden Jellyfish; always a special event on the trip. Perth Scuba Palau Siren 2014 Joey Pool-1543

Two favorite dive sites on any trip, Ulong Channel and Sandy Paradise were on the list after the visit to Jellyfish Lake and after rain in the morning we were lucky, as the sun began to shine and we saw a big eagle ray! The last diving day and time to move back to Malakal for the early morning at the wreck of the Iro Maru followed by a dive at Short Drop Off for the Nautilus but a manta ray also turned up. Then Chandelier Cave; a shallow and easy dive and surfacing in caves is simply a weird experience. For those with a keen eye mandarin fish can be seen after the exit on the reef in front of the cave entrance. The Palau Siren crew and I had an amazing trip with our guests from Perth Scuba, thank you for joining us and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.

Photos courtesy of Joey Pool

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