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Perth Scuba makeover continuing


Perth Scuba’s extreme makeover is continuing and I know every time I walk in there’s something new and different to check out. If you haven’t been in for a while, here’s a quick update on what’s been happening.Perth Scuba Makeover

First of all we took over the next door shop (RHS if looking from Bannister Road) and cut a 5 metre hole in the wall so we could walk through. Then we moved the air and nitrox fill panel to a central location between both shops. Now we went to work on the existing Perth Scuba shop and ripped out the old and got new fixtures made to make it easy to find everything you need in Perth Scuba. The LHS of the shop has a whole wall of wetsuits in a huge array of colours, sizes and types! Plus the SCUBA gear has a new home that looks the bomb!!!

We’re still waiting on a few things – new counter, change rooms, turning on the power to the 7 BIG SCREEN LCD TV’s and then Perth Scuba will be reborn. Then it’s time to get to work on next door…

The new store is where we’ll have our new complete Technical diving range PLUS underwater photography and video equipment. It’s really exciting and looking great! Come on in and have a look at what’s changed and have a chat about what’s coming up.

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