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Perth Scuba return to clean up the Ammo Jetty

Perth-Scuba-Clean-up-Ammunition-Jetty-25Oct2015-113407Sunday the 25th of October was the day for another legendary Perth Scuba clean up……….the location again being the Ammo Jetty. Out of all our shore dives this one is the one that consistently requires most attention.

On arriving at the dive site car park it was looking like there was a crazy number of divers, however after a quick walk round I realised that a lot of the divers were actually on a course.

The weather was looking perfect with plenty of sun and a few scattered clouds, there were light easterly winds and next to no swell. We had fifteen divers in total and two guys helping on the beach, one of which was my dad who had specially flown in from the UK to take part (joke)

So first we all got our gear together on the grass and I gave the briefing. The plan was to split into two groups, one group entering on the South of the jetty the other on the North. As an added bonus there was a few yellow golf balls hidden around the jetty which if found meant you could claim a prize!

Once in the water we made our way out to the descent point under the jetty. We first came across two huge red nudibranchs which was a good start to the dive. To start with we didn’t really find too much rubbish, then as we got further out we started to find lots of fishing line. It was soon clear that there wasn’t as much rubbish as the last time we were here to clean the jetty. The end section is always the worst affected, we found chairs, bottles, lines, hooks, plastic, tin cans and much more. We also found lots of skeletons left from unfortunate stingrays caught up in the relentless battle with the fishermen.

During the dive aside from the rubbish we saw lots of beautiful coral on the jetty legs, lots and lots of nudibranchs, Morwongs, Western Talma, Yellowtail, Toadfish, Leatherjackets and many more.

Once out of the water we all helped each other out with the various catch bags and rubbish and regrouped in the park area. It was now very apparent that we had recovered far less than the last clean up, this was excellent news and just goes to shows what a difference our clean ups are making to the underwater environment. There was still lots of line and hooks but nowhere near as many chairs.

After we all dried off and got out of our gear we had a sumptuous BBQ and a good chat about the dive we had just had. Only a couple of guys found golf balls meaning they had won a prize yet to be decided at the shop. It was great to see some fresh faces and some of the guys from the last clean up. I am pleased to report that the beach was pretty good with only a little rubbish collected. I think it’s really important that we now try and maintain the work we have achieved so far and get back there again soon to continue to improve the underwater environment at one of Perth’s most iconic shore dives

Huge thankyou to every single person that took part, hope to see you all soon on another clean up or perhaps a club dive.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew


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