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Perth Scuba returns from diving Borneo Malaysia!!!

Green Turtle at Sipadan Island by Joey Poolwritten by Joey Pool

Lee and I and 42 more of the Perth Scuba Crew just returned from diving Borneo Malaysia.  And what can I say about my fourth visit to this glorious part of the world??? AWESOME, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC AND AWE INSPIRING!!! But I’m getting ahead of myself….

Our adventure began in Perth airport where most of us jumped on an early morning flight to Kuala Lumpur and then crossed over to a short domestic flight to Tawau, located at the southern end of Borneo Malaysia. The majority of the crew were all on the same flight and descended onto Tawau airport ready to jump on our big red bus for an busride to Semporna. Now I’m not saying that drivers in Malaysia are bad…. But there was moments when your heart jumped into your throat when you looked out the front windscreen of the bus – and then tried to push your foot on the imaginary brake pedal in front of your seat! After what seemed like an eternity – but was only 90 minutes – we arrived at the Seafest Hotel in Semporna where we were overnighting.

After a long night’s rest we were all up early to chow down brekkie and then shoot out the door of the hotel and onto the boats for BORNEO DIVERS MABUL RESORT. Oh yeah, back in the place we love so much! After a short 30 minute boat trip to the island we were greeted by the Borneo Divers Crew and shown to check in with freshly chilled coconuts – YUM! With a short briefing out of the way we were shown to our cabins to get our kit off – I MEAN READY!!! Hehe

The Borneo Divers Crew carted off our Dive Gear to the boats to prepare us for our first dive in sunny Mabul Island. We all eagerly jumped into the boats and headed out to our Orientation Dive (no camera’s please!) to various sites around Mabul – only 5 minutes from the resort. Our boat headed to Ray Point where we saw turtles, colourful coral, a giant black frogfish and lots of nudibranch… No Rays though! After an hour blowing bubbles we were collected by our boat and returned to the Dive Jetty to enjoy afternoon tea and relaxing in the sun, after a brief surface interval it was time to jump back in for a Sunset Dive.Perth Scuba Borneo Tour Group 2012

The next 8 days were a blur of diving the islands, including the Jacque Cousteau famed SIPADAN ISLAND. Now THIS is the place to DIVE! We were transported to Sipadan Island, a 30 minute boat ride from Mabul, to Frog fish at Borneo by Joey Poolenjoy FOUR dives in this MECCA dive location. We dropped onto Barracuda Point where thousands of Skipjack Trevally were spiralling lazily in the clear warm waters, we then swam on to hundreds of BIG Barracuda that swirled in two separate groups, fanning out for the photographers amongst us. We had giant Green Turtles zipping to and fro plus others lazily eyeing us from the reef…. And this was just ONE dive site at Sipadan Island! We had three more to marvel and explore throughout the day, followed by a night dive on the house reef with more turtles!

Over the following days we once again visited Sipadan Island which showed it’s magnificent pelagics, hundreds of turtles, sharks everywhere you looked, hundreds of barracuda and thousands of skipjack trevally. That wasn’t all however, we enjoyed more fascinating muck diving of Mabul, Kapalai and Si Amil Islands, including crocodile fish, frog fish, every colour nudibranch you can imagine plus spotted eels, frogfish, rays and the tiniest of seahorses.

It wasn’t just the amazing diving that made this trip so fun! If was the fantastic group of people that Lee and I got to share the experience with. A dive trip is always fun, but with an energetic and enthusiastic bunch of divers to share it with, it makes it all the more exciting. We splashed into late into the evening playing in the swimming pool with our blow up toys. And then we dobbed all our fellow divers in for the multitude of diving sins they’d partaken in a Kangaroo Court. Almost no one was spared, with each guilty party being “judged” by Judge Lindsay Phillips and given their sentence (a tip for the Borneo Divers Crew). Special prizes were awarded for the “Silliest Thing Done on Tour”, “I Turned My Neck So Fast I Got Whiplash” and finally “Harden The [email protected]#! Up Award”…. I won’t tell you who was awarded these “prizes” but much amusement was had by those who DIDN’T receive them!

And finally we came to the last evening of our tour, where the BDMR Crew put on a magnificent show of local and modern dance, games that left the oldies sore and youngin’s eager to prove their worth and a spread of food and cocktails to sate even the glutton amongst us. It was a wonderful evening and the crew partied into the wee hours knowing they didn’t have to wake early for diving tomorrow.

And so our Borneo Tour came to an end all too soon, with new friends made, old friends re-aquainted and a whole bunch of stories to return home with – oh yeah, and the photos!!! To check out a bunch of photographs taken on our exciting Borneo Tour click here. Thank you to the wonderful 42 that joined Lee and I in Borneo, we hope you enjoyed this Borneo holiday as much as we did and look forward to joining you on another holiday in the future…. So many to choose from, so little annual leave! Want to join us on one of our exciting Dive Holidays? Contact Us for a trip brochure including holidays for 2013 & 2014!

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