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Perth Scuba returns from diving Wakatobi Resort

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor

Reef of Sulawesi surrounding Wakatobi ResortNever have we received such outstanding service!!! Let me start by saying that the service the Perth Scuba Crew received whilst staying on board the Pelagian luxury yacht and Wakatobi Resort was outstanding. The food was restaurant quality including sumptuous desserts and entrees. The accommodation was very comfortable, more like a hotel than a dive resort or live-aboard! The dive boats from the resort were fully shaded (see above) including tea, hot chocolate and coffee – all made by the crew for you. Plus we only ever had a maximum of 12 divers per boat, even though there was space for at least 30! Never once did we need to lift a finger to carry our gear, swap a cylinder or even wash our gear from day to day. Gees, after 10 days of this kind of treatment – how are you meant to get back to the reality of doing it yourself???

The Perth Scuba Tour began with a flight to Bali. The flight was rather ordinary, but what followed just made our day. After disembarking the plane we were met by a lovely young lady (Graeme stop drooling!) who escorted us past immigration and to our baggage. We cruised past the long lines of Visa applications and passport stamping and grabbed our bags from the conveyor belt. Our lovely host returned with our stamped passports and we were escorted through customs and out the airport door. It took all of 10 minutes to get from the plane to our waiting transport. After our rush through immigration it was followed with an overnight stay at the Dynasty Resort…. And of course, a couple of cocktails from the “hard day” we’d had flying to Bali – yeah right! Early the next morning it was time to shoot off to the airport for our short flight to Wakatobi Resort. We were met outside the airport by our Wakatobi host and taken to the check-in counter for our chartered flight. All our baggage was sent to the plane and then we were taken to the private lounge to await our flight. Unfortunately, there was a slight problem with our private charter (waiting on a part), and so we didn’t miss a day on board our luxury yacht, Wakatobi Resort chartered another flight and then zoooommmm we were off to Wakatobi!

After a short flight, followed by another stay in a private lounge, then our final short flight, we arrived at Tomia – one of the islands that make up the area where Wakatobi is situated. The Perth Scuba Crew disembarked our private Fokker 50 aircraft and jumped straight into the waiting transfer vehicles. No need to fuss over the luggage – someone else was there to do that! We drove past small neatly kept homes on our way to our boat transfer. It only took 10 minutes are we had arrived at the jetty where dozens of children were fascinated by the colour of Sarah’s hair (blonde). We jumped on our transfer and zoomed over to our floating home for the next 5 nights – the Pelagian Yacht. Oooooo and was it nice!!!

Click here for a few of Joey’s images (except the exterior of the Pelagian & Master Suite) from Perth Scuba’s Tour of Wakatobi. Part 2 of our adventure to Wakatobi Resort and the Pelagian liveaboard next week!

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