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Perth Scuba’s Tek & Photography Store Opens!

A few words from Lee…

Perth Scuba TekPerth Scuba has now officially opened the Tek & Photography store!

I would like to thank the many people involved in making it all happen. From when we opened the doors back in 2004, we had a vision of how Perth Scuba would be in the future. We have stuck to that plan.

To Be able to offer our customers – not only the best place to learn to dive, continue to dive or make a career in diving, but to offer them the best facilities, instructors, equipment and dive club in Western Australia.

We believe we have achieved those goals. We set out with the new refit to continue with our plan. The next phase… To present opportunities to our customers / friends to take their diving to a new level. We believe we have achieved that now with Perth Scuba Tek.

None of this could have happened without some very important people. I would like to personally thank these people (and I will), but would also like to mentionthem here because they are all so important to me and Perth Scuba. Firstly (and there is no special order…) My business partner Robert. THANK YOU for the opportunity. Thank you for having the belief in me and for letting me loose with the cheque book!

Nothing could ever repay what you did for me and the lives we have changed because of it.

Joey… Your unending and relentless support has been an absolute strength. At times where I was ready to give up, you were there for me to keep on pushing me and reminding me why I was doing what I was. The work you do for Perth Scuba both behind the scenes and in the forefront, amazes me. You are such an unbelievably talented  person with so much to give. I love you. Thank you also for the belief in me and the trust you put into Perth Scuba. Follow your dreams Joey. You deserve them all to come true…. And they will.

The crew… Patto – thanks buddy for helping build, stick, cut, add and remove stuff. You will always be a part of Perth Scuba. Karlton – thanks for the best security system in the world! (we hope ;) ) and for the invoices which I thought had phone numbers on the bottom until you reminded me that was the cost of the system.

Just kidding Karlton, I promise – no more power points! Troy – Buddy your IT help has been invaluable. And not to mention the kick ass Theatre Perth Scuba now has because of you! Thanks Buddy!!! Mike Doswell, Jana, BL, Cam “late again” Johnston… Thanks for making the last 2 weeks achievableat a time when we looked like we might open the doors in 2015!

Thanks to Nat for the extra hours lately and the help along the way. Matt for keeping it all together while we went full on into itfor the last week or two, Andy and our awesome team of instructorswho have been full on teaching while it’s all been going on without mebeing able to get involved in all the day to day stuff. And last but not least, the customers who made our dream a reality and put up with the noisy drills and saws along the way. THANK YOU.

You guys and everyone else who helped (sorry if I missed you), have made Perth Scuba the largest dive store in Australia!!!

We couldnt be prouder of outr achievements over the last 6 years, being the Australian Scubapro Dealer of the Year for the last 5 years and hitting the highest diver certifications in WA this year are just a couple of the highlights, but the most important achievementwe have made while being in business, is the fantastic number of friends we have made over the last 6 years! You are alltruly amazing people and are all very much a part of Perth Scuba.

We hope you guys like the new addition and look forward to giving you a personal tour of the new part of Perth Scuba next time you are here.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee Johnson

Managing Director

Perth Scuba

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