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Plenty of room to kit up at The Coombe

The Coombe, Mosman Park

It was a rainy Sunday morning on 24th September but we still managed to get five divers keen to get into the water. After breakfast we made our way to The Coombe, Mosman Park. With an empty carpark we had plenty of room to kit up and for me to conduct my dive brief. 

Perth Scuba Manta Club dive at The Coombe

Once in the water we surface swam to the buoy and made our descent. Two of the guys disappeared and headed out to the deeper wrecks while the rest of us looked around for the shallow wrecks. With most of the main ropes submerged after the storm it was a bit of a challenge. After finding a rope and following it out the 16m we decided it was a bit too silty and made our way back into 8m where the viz was a lot better. While in the shallow we swam through schools of jellyfish and spotted lots of threefin blennys playing in the sand.


After about 45 minutes we made our way in and back to our cars. Not long after the guys returned from the deeper wrecks with a few nice crabs to show for their efforts. It was a bit murky out deep but the shallow water was nice and worth the look around. 

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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