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Plenty of sea life at South Mole Fremantle

Everyone arrived at Perth Scuba Sunday morning for the weekly club dive on 13 March 2016. After breakfast we made our way to South Mole.


Once at South Mole the 19 of us got ready and entered the water. After a short surface swim over the shallow reef we made our descent and started our swim up the wall. On the way out we came across a massive sea snail, schools of bullseye in the rocks, a few crays, batfish, banded sweep, red lip, wrasse, Sergeant Bakers, nudibranch and sea slugs.
After about 25mins or so we turned around and made our way back in.
The water was a nice 24 degrees and the viz was at least 8 meters with plenty of sea life around.
Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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