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Plenty to see at South Mole Fremantle

Everyone arrived at Perth Scuba for the morning Club Dive, we had 12 in total on 20 December 2015.


Even with the high winds it was still a good turn out. I decided to take everyone to South Mole Fremantle. After a couple of hot dogs and once everyone had the right directions we made our way down.
After a photo and my dive brief we got in the water and made our way up the wall. On the way up we found a little octopus hiding under a rock, lots of crested morwongs, baby bald chin groupers, snapper, sea urchins, squid and a few crays hiding deep in the rocks. After around 30 minutes of searching the rocks we turned around and made our way back.
On the way back we spotted more crays hiding from us and as we surfaced we noticed a couple of dolphins not too far away getting plenty of attention from the people on the beach.
The water was 21 degrees, great viz and the max depth was only 6 meters, shallow site but plenty to see!
Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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