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Point Peron night dive

Point Peron night dive

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Manta Club night divers
Manta Club divers at Point Peron Rockingham

Conditions at Point Peron were better than anticipated and the layer of mist creating a giant halo around the moon kept the evening temperatures up, and an eerie calmness to the sea. With only the slightest of swell in the bay over the hill from the car park we went straight for the bottom and enjoyed the amazing visibility of +10m over the sand and even better +15m over the sea grass and reefs. Turning round and seeing four torch beams dancing around exploring the reef in the clear waters was a spectacle in itself. No Seadragons unfortunately in the weedy beds despite a concerted hunt by all, but were easily made up for the numerous Talma, Old Wifes, Bluespot Goatfish, Cardinals, Gobbleguts, Bullseye Roughys, Crays, two  Giant Australian Cuttlefish, and a Spotted Catshark hiding deep in the recesses of one cave. Everyone was nosing into caves and crevices, and being able to keep close as a group we were relaxed and doing great on air consumption with 80 minutes flying by. Everyone agreed on what a fantastic night dive site this is.

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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