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Point Peron night dive

Point Peron Club Night Dive

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Manta Club night dive at Point Peron

It’s always amazing how much a site that you’ve dived in the day light looks different at night, but I got to say that entering the Point Peron site at night turned out to be more like going into the fabled Narnia wardrobe……Over the hill from the car park, the swell was less than a meter in the lagoon behind the protective reef,  with waves none existent and viz which turned out to be over 5m, nearing 10m in places, this had all the ingredients for a great club dive. Que the appearance of 5 fun loving dive die-hards and a memorable event was definitely in the making. Swaying kelp can play serious tricks with your brain and until you’ve mastered gluing your gaze on a permanently fixed patch of sand or rock when in a swaying swell, it can be disorienting and even nauseas. Finding ourselves quickly at 5m and encountering towering boulders, we then appeared to find our selves in what seemed like a labyrinth of caves, with overhangs and swim-throughs around every turn. It seemed all the more vivid in only torch light on this moonless night. It looked familiar but amazingly different. Cruising over reefs we swooped down into bomb-holes and then out again over crests, finally reaching the outer reef wall where we free-falled what seemed like a multistory building albeit only 9m to the seabed. Crayfish were under almost every ledge and macrolife in every crevice. I saw numerous Talma, Sea Sweep, big Red Goatfish and several schools of calamari squid, iridescent from backlit strobes. But that wasn’t yet the finale. Making our way back into shore a ghost like rotund body shot past me, I shat myself, and with a powerful tail flick it was quickly gone. Seconds later it returned and was indeed a Bottlenose dolphin, now side on 3m in front and eyeing me up, then gone again. On reaching shore my buddy confirmed it had swum circles around him several times. Needless to say we were both gob smacked and jubilant. Thanks to everyone that came along and collectively made all these things happen.

written by PADI Instructor Martin Crossley

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