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Point Peron Sunday Club Dive

Joey & Lee sit this one out….

Written by Greg Thomms (Dive Master Trainee & Underwater Photographer)

Diver at Point Peron taken by Greg ThommsAfter a rainy night, the first thing I did as I arose from my wonderful slumber was to check the weather – ‘Seabreeze’, a diver’s friend; even though it was originally designed for those intrepid wind surfer dudes.

Well, the tell tales were evident in my back yard, ‘builders plastic everywhere’. Gusty N/NE winds, with sea state 2-3 and 1-2m swell. All in all not that bad, but there would be limited spots to go diving.

Never deterred, I headed to Perth Scuba for my breakfast; cooked by me? *Scratching my head*- I didn’t plan that too well. Thankfully, I had some help from a trusted dive buddy, Nathan, who offered to watch the sizzling sausages whilst I ducked into the shop and arrange my air fill. Well, Nathan may be a great dive buddy with awesome buoyancy control, but he can’t cook on a BBQ to save his life. Flames and smoke everywhere; we decided the best thing to do was to move the BBQ away from the melting Perth Scuba signage before someone called the fire brigade. Alas there were a couple of melted snags left over – Hungry anyone?

After another look at Seabreeze, Lee made the call. The dive site would be Point Peron. On the way to the dive site we drove down past the Rockingham Wreck Trail (RWT) investigating possible alternative sites. Very messy!!

But have no fear, Lee (Illustrious Weather Man) had chosen well again. Point Peron was a ‘Mill Pond’, protected from the off–shore N/NE winds.  Time to gear up and get wet! All divers were keen, except Joey and Lee… some girlie excuse about diving Palau… SOFT!

There were a number of divers that had not dived Point Peron before so in assistance to our trainee Dive Master Sonya, I provided a quick dive brief as we entered the water.

I called out, “Do you see that big limestone out crop?”Divers at Point Peron taken by Greg Thomms

“Take a reciprocal bearing off that and swim to it. That is where you will find great swim throughs.” I said, pointing and fumbling as I put my fins on.

So off we went, dragging the obligatory dive flag with us. It was then that I noticed the ‘Dolphin Boat’. I believe my famous last words before descending were, “you might even see dolphins today.” As a few of us made a shallow descent and started our dive navigation to the rock, I heard the squeaks and chirps from distant dolphins… ‘I am a SONAR specialist after all, and apparently I get paid for my hearing (Navy doesn’t know I’m Deaf)’.

All excited I prepared my “Serious Image Collecting Underwater Battleship”- my NAUTICAM housed Nikon D90, for the possible collection of Dolphin Pic’s. I set the  ISO  to 200, aperture at 5 and shutter speed to 120… Test shots – yes good water colour and the strobe is working well. Now all I have to do is aim and shoot.

After navigating to the limestone reefs, we proceeded to look for ‘swim-throughs’ and explore the area for unusual creatures of the deep… still no flipper!! It was then that I felt unusual tugging on my fins… perhaps flipper was here to play… alas not, it was just ‘Diver Tim’ with his cylinder in the new side mount position… Oh no!!  I don’t think it is meant to be like that!! Slinging the “Serious Image Collecting Underwater Battleship” (SICUB) over my shoulder, I rushed off to the rescue. With great support by cool dive buddies, Pottsy, Terry and Cherry, we managed to subdue Tim and drag him to the sandy bottom where we could replace and strap his Tank!! Here is the Photo showing the great rescue team in action:Diver close up taken by Greg Thomms

Phew, after that it was time to get back to the business of exploring the great depths of Point Peron (5.8m Abyss). STILL NO FLIPPER!! Luckily the visibility was good and there were all these cool divers to take photos of. Hmmmm, no marine life hanging around… obviously they were scared off by the dolphins. We found some cool swim throughs and even some crays on ledges… wonder if the great cray hunters on the day found any? There was one that I know of!

It has turned out to be a great dive, “I thought to myself “, as we navigated back toward the dive flag. The SICUB got a work out with some cool diver pic’s but still NO FLIPPER!

On return to the carpark I was greated by Mia. “Did you see the dolphins? How cool were they!” She exclaimed.

She continued to tell me how three of them buzzed by her, looping and conducting barrel rolls, before darting off into the distance. SWEET!!

What a sweet dive!! I bet Lee and Joey regret not diving now… Hey Lee, imagine, Crays on the BBQ.  Perhaps next time!!

For more of Greg’s photo from the Point Peron club dive click here.


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