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Point Walter BBQ Party & Dive Night

What a great turn out!

Lee and I were stoked to see so many familiar faces, plus even more new faces last night. We had an absolutely awesome night heading off for a dive in the Swan River followed by LOTS of socializing and just a couple of Smirnoff’s… ;)

It was an awesome night, the vis in the river wasn’t great but most of us managed to see some seahorses – plus Lee and I saw 7 on one stick! One was even pregnant – if you head down in the next couple of nights and look under the end of the jetty, you may just catch sight of some teeny weeny baby seahorses.

There were some very clever divers who even got some pretty cool photos of the seahorses, plus we saw sea moths, anemone, lots of blowfish – when aren’t there blow fish! – and a school of skippy.

Due to a user error (mine!) I didn’t get any photos of these cool critters – don’t ask… So when Lee and I hopped out of the water we were greeted with the smell of cooking sausages. Thanks Robert for cooking the snaggers and making sure we were fed well.

There was a huge range of divers, from fresh out of Open Water all the way through to experienced Instructors, making it a night of stories shared. Thanks again to everyone that made it and we look forward to seeing you all again for the next BBQ in December – I’m thinking we might have a special guest there too… Wonder who it’ll be.

Stay tuned for the seahorse photos from last night – the best winning a prize – in this weekend’s newsletter.

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