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Point Walter club night dive

Point Walter Club Night Dive

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Manta Club dive Point Walter Jetty
Point Walter provided the venue for this last Wednesday’s Club night dive, and six divers enjoyed the balmy 22C water temperatures and 5m visibility of this popular fishing and family BBQ location.
Hoping that a change from the usual river venues might bring us a treasure trove of untapped crab and shrimps, we’d clearly been beaten to it but still managed to come away with a good bag. The waters at the end of the jetty appear by all accounts to have been cleaned up, as my hopes for finding shopping trolley’s bristling with Seahorses surmounted to an individual chance sighting on the bottom, and no shopping trolleys in sight. Still, loads of shoals of Silverbellies flashing in the torch lights, some young Trevalley, sleeping Toadies, and an abundance of Flathead, one monster over a metre long out at 13m. 
And dare i say, i even felt warm after the hour submerged! Time for the 3mm?? Mmmm maybe not. 

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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