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Port Jackson sharks, eels, boxfish & squid

Port Jackson sharks, eels, boxfish & squid

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Last Wednesday night the weather looked a little better so we decided to try Ammo Jetty for the club dive. With six divers ready to check it out we made our way out to the water. 

Gorgeous bunch of Perth Scuba club divers

At the beach it didn’t look the best and as we walked out the water didn’t look so promising either but we dropped down and started to explore anyway. The viz was pretty bad but that didn’t stop us, we managed to find a few port jackson sharks, a few different eels, boxfish, bailer snails and plenty of squid. We did our best to get to the end but after getting lost a few times we decided to navigate in. 

On the way we found a few cool nudibranchs on the pillars and a big flathead resting on the sand. It was still a interesting dive even with the bad viz there was plenty of marine life to see. 

written by PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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