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Product Review Dri-Dock Camera Pouch

dri-dock-iphone-waterproofThe Dri-Dock waterproof camera pouch is a flexible, clear vinyl pouch that can be used to keep a camera, phone or any other small item dry at the beach or on shallow dives. It is rated for 10m and is small enough to fit in a BCD pocket or worn around your neck with the lanyard included with the pouch. The opening is comprised on three zip-lock seals which is then folded over and locked by a snapping cover.
I needed this to keep my car keys dry during shore dives and as a test I took it down to 10m with a piece of paper large enough to cover the whole pouch. As I didn’t find any visible signs of a water leak, I continued the dive ending up at 11.3m. I’m happy to say the the piece of paper stayed dry throughout the 40 minute dive.
Since it is only rated to 10m, I believe it’s more suited for the beach/snorkelling than diving. In saying that, I’d happily use this if I
knew the dive is going to be deeper than 10m
written by Mohamed Shareef – Perth Scuba customer


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