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Product Review Halcyon Traveler BC

By Joey Pool – Perth Scuba PADI Assistant Instructor

So last week I was handed a new product to try by the boss. Lee threw me the new Halcyon Traveller BCD in preparation for our upcoming trip.

With our trip to the Galapagos Islands coming up I have a great need to reduce the weight and bulk of my dive gear. When you carry the amount of camera gear I do when travelling, clothes become third fiddle as the camera takes 1st place, dive gear 2nd and clothes… Well, who needs clothes???

Past trips have had us carting heavy and bulky bags through airport terminals and cringing when we struggle to lift the dive bag onto the airlines scales to enter the lottery of how much excess we will have to pay. This time I hope to be different.

The new Halcyon Traveller merges the simplicity and lightweight appeal of smaller BC systems with the performance of a wing system. The Traveller’s unique backplate has an integrated single-tank carrier and Cinch quick-adjust system, providing a secure, lightweight, and easily adjustable BC system. This integrated system is specifically designed for single tank diving, eliminating the single-tank adaptor and keeping the tank close to the diver’s back. These unique benefits are combined with a number of other weight-reducing features, allowing the Halcyon Traveller to weigh in at only 2.5kg.

The Traveller has plenty of lift – although I did test this BCD with only 12lbs of weight as that’s all I need when wearing a 7mm suit. You have the option of attaching two weight pockets to the waist strap allowing you to add another 6lb to each pocket – an extra 12lb for those that need the extra weight.

Once the harness is fitted properly (1 size fits all with adjustment) it’s very comfortable. Just remember, with a harness the webbing is adjusted to fit you perfectly, you can’t loosen the straps off to get in and out of the BCD. If you aren’t flexible then this style of BCD may not suit you. If flexibility isn’t a problem for you this is a great travel system allowing you good buoyancy control. The wing distributes the air well around your body so that when diving you’re perfectly horizontal. It also comes with three stainless steel D-rings, allowing you to clip all your accessories on and tuck them safely away under bungee rings securely. I know my camera will be locked on securely in those Galapagos currents!

Final Verdict:

This isn’t the first time I’ve dived in a wing and the harness was just as comfortable in and out of the water. It’s going to be great for packing as it folds down flat, and at a pinch you can remove the comfort harness padding to cut down on weight even more! After trying out the BCD it will definitely be joining me in the Galapagos Islands in a few weeks time. The price is also great at only $749, it’s a very affordable addition to your travel dive gear!

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